Madagascar Tree Boa


The Madagascar Tree Boa (Sanzinia madagascariensis) is a non-venomous boa species endemic to the island of Madagascar.
This species is actually a tree inhabitant but it only uses trees to rest during the day.
At night, it hunts mainly on the ground where it feeds on rats, mouse lemurs and other small mammals.
For humans, the snake is completely harmless.
Adults average usually 120–150 cm in length, but it seems that individuals measuring up to 180 cm have been found.
Until 2014, two subspecies were recognized: Sanzinia madagascariensis madagascariensis and Sanzinia madagascariensis volontany.
As of 2014, these two subspecies have been split into two separate species: Sanzinia madagascariensis and Sanzinia volontany (Nosy Komba Ground Boa).
Sanzinia madagascariensis is greenish in colour and is found on the east side of Madagascar, while Sanzinia volontany is brownish in colour and is found on the western side of the island.

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, Madagascar, 11 January 2014

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