Welcome to my (new) website!

My name is Mark Eising and I live in Hilversum, The Netherlands. One of my passions in life is wildlife and more specifically: birds. I have created this website for my family, friends and anyone who is interested in my photographs of all kinds of wonderful wild animals around the world, especially birds. For more info about me, check this page.

Some of you may realize that this website is a new one. It replaces my 10-year old website because it couldn't cope with the huge amount of photos anymore. This new website www.markeisingbirding.com was created in March 2017 and is much more advanced than the old website.

You will find on this website (go to Animals) all my photos (more than 23,000) of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, butterflies (close to 800 different butterfly species) and all kinds of other insects and of course many different species of birds (close to 1,800 excluding subspecies) on my website, making it one of the biggest animal photo websites in the world if you consider that each and every animal is photographed by just one person: me.

All animals are photographed by me in the wild; none of my photos are of captive (or dead) animals.

On the page "My Top 50" I have included my 50 most favourite photos, sometimes because of the beauty of the shot, sometimes because of the beauty or rarity of the animal and sometimes just because it was a special encounter that made a great impression on me.

On the page "Videos" you will find short videos of some of the animals that I encountered during my trips. 

Use of this website
The menu on top of each page lead to the main pages within the site. On the page "Animals" you will find a menu on the left that allows you to use a filter to find the animal of your choice. This can be done by selecting the type of animal, the continent, country, place, family and/or species. When you click on one of these content sections, the relevant photos will be shown on the right side of the page. If you click on any of these photos you will go to the relevant animal. If you want to go to a specific species or family you can also use the search option on the top of the page. You can search any animal on its English, Dutch and scientific name. You'll see it is all pretty much self-explanatory.

Each photo includes the English, Dutch and scientific name of the animal showed together with other information such as the country, place and date the photo was taken and the family where the species belongs to. If you click on these you can find other animals that share the same place or family or you can go to a photo of the same species taken at other locations. Sometimes I have added specific and interesting information about the animal.

I love to travel and I take any opportunity to spend time abroad (go to the page "Trips" to get an overview) so new photographs are added to my website on a regularly basis. On the page "Animals", the most recent added photos are shown on the top right side of the page. 
Enjoy my website and if you like, you can leave a message on the "Contact" page. Any comments and/or suggestions are highly appreciated!

Thank you for visiting my website!

Cheers, Mark