Carpet Chameleon


Furcifer lateralis, also known as the Carpet Chameleon or the White-lined Chameleon, is a species of chameleon that is endemic to Madagascar.
Both sexes can reach a maximum length of anything between 17 and 25 centimetres.
The males are largely green and females are heavier-bodied and have a wider range of colours, including bands of white, yellow and orange.
Both sexes have stripy throats and lips.
They can change their colour depending on their mood and environmental factors and they usually start the day with a dark colour to enable them to warm up rapidly by exposing themselves to sunlight.
This species is one of the smallest "true" species of chameleon, and they are timid and shy.

Mananara Lodge area, Anjozorobe, Madagascar, 17 January 2014

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