Aethriamanta gracilis (Skimmer sp.)


The male Aethriamanta gracilis looks rather similar to the male Brachydiplax chalybea and male Brachydiplax farinosa which also occur in Singapore.
Brachydiplax chalybea is also very common in Singapore but Brachydiplax farinosa is very rare.
However, the two Brachydiplax species are smaller in size and have a wider wing venation (6 antenodal crossveins instead of 8-9).
In addition, Aethriamanta gracilis has entirely dark brownish eyes whereas the two Brachydiplax species have two-coloured eyes.
Brachydiplax chalybea is generally easy to identify because the side of its thorax shows a lot of orange.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore, 7 November 2022

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