Nosy Komba/Nosy Be, Madagascar - February/March 2020

In 2020, I was a volunteer for 2 weeks with the Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute (MRCI) at Nosy Komba, Madagascar. 

MRCI is a government approved organisation undertaking environmental research, community development and educational programs. 
These volunteer programs include teaching English, marine and forest conservation as well an island outreach. 

I participated in the Forest Conservation Programme.
My work involved the monitoring of the forest and its endemic wildlife on Nosy Komba by using field survey techniques to assess the biodiversity of lemurs, birds, snakes, lizards, frogs and other reptiles.
The methods to make these assessments included species ID, behavioural monitoring and population assessments carried out at designated observation sites.
These surveys allowed me to study the seasonal occupancy and habitat preferences and to obtain updated data on the endemic bird, reptile and amphibian species present on Nosy Komba.

Almost every day we performed transect surveys and active forest searches both during the day and at night.
In anticipation of my volunteer work I received species identification training and learned how to conduct field surveys, set up equipment and collate animal data.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my volunteer work on Nosy Komba and I would like to thank MRCI for the opportunity to participate in the extremely important work they are doing for the island of Nosy Komba, its flora and fauna and its people.