Maine, USA - July 2015

In July/August 2015, my wife Marinka and I went to our beloved Portland, Maine for 10 days. Main reason to visit was my wife's high school reunion after 30 years. We were warmly welcomed by her former class mates and we had a wonderful time along memory lane.

It was also great to meet our hostparents in Falmouth with whom Marinka lived during her high school year and with whom I then lived for 3 months in 1993 while working as an intern with their law firm in Portland. We included a lovely 3-day bike trip along the coast from Portland to Boothbay Harbour where I had some time to look out for birds.

And I couldn't resist to go on another whale watch boat trip during which I saw my first Finback Whale and Common Minke Whale! Check out all my photos under Maine.