Florida, USA - November 2012

In November 2012, I went to Florida on a self-organized 7-days, as I like to call it, "hard-core" birding trip.

That means every day starting at 5 a.m. and the entire day looking for birds (and other wildlife!) until well after dark.
Long exhausting days, but filled with great and thrilling experiences.
Call me nuts, but I just love it!
Being all alone on this trip this time meant that I could fully check out the wildlife at my own pace, taking all the time and patience with photographing and filming the - sometimes not so patient - animals.

I was very lucky to come face to face with the rare Bobcat and the Florida Snapping Turtle in the Everglades!

Besides a huge number of birds, including the threatened White-crowned Pigeon, I photographed a Southern Black Racer after having it caught and put into the grass for easier handling.

Please check all my Florida photos under Florida.

Also, I took quite a few amazing video clips of Aligators, a Florida Snapping Turtle, Vultures, Hawks and some other birds. Check them out under Videos.