Coto Doñana, Spain - May 2015

In May 2015, my wife and I visited the Coto Doñana in Southern Spain.

Not the best time of year to go after birds because of the annual pilgrimage to the pretty wild-west-style town of El Rocio where each year close to a million catholic Spanish people gather in traditional Andalucian clothes and flamenco costumes to celibrate in homage to the Virgin of El Rocio.
Quite a spectacle!

Since the best birding sites around El Rocio were virtually not accessible and all visitor centers were closed during the festivities, most of my birding took place around the town of Huelva, the town of El Portil and the nearby Odiel marshes.

Fortunately, I will be back in October with my mother, brother and sister to explore the actual Coto Doñana area when El Rocio once again has turned into a quiet little town.

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