Barcelona, Spain - June 2022

From 22 - 26 June 2022, I went on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean with 5 friends.

One of my friends has a beautiful Swan sailing yacht in the port of Barcelona and from there we went sailing for 3 days along the coast.
For me a unique and unforgettable experience because I was the only one on board with no sailing experience.
At the end of each day we arrived at a different harbor where we moored the boat and visited the relevant coastal village.
Of course we always ate delicious and slept comfortably on board the sailboat.

There was even time to spot birds on the water.
Every now and then Scopoli Shearwaters and Balearic Shearwaters flew by and on the last day we also found a large group of Common Bottlenose Dolphins.
In the little town of Blanes, we found Alpine Swifts nesting in the roofs of the houses.

I won't say I can sail now but it was a great experience!