Zoropsis spinimana (False Wolf Spider sp.)


Males of Zoropsis spinimana reach a length around 10–12 mm, while females are 15–18 mm long.
It is a hunting spider (like wolf spiders), meaning it does not spin a web or use silk to subdue prey. 
Its silk is used primarily by the female to cover her egg sac. 
Like other spiders, its diet is primarily insects.
Zoropsis spinimana is distributed widely in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean.
Since this spider cannot survive in a harsh climate, it often seeks refuge in human habitation and is frequently found in houses where the temperature is milder and food is more abundant.

I found this large spider hidden in a parasol on the terrace of our guesthouse.

Olive Hill Guesthouse, Batalha, Leiria, Portugal, 13 October 2021

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