Stony Creek Frog


The Stony Creek Frog (Ranoidea wilcoxii) is a medium-sized species of frog reaching up to 6 cm in body length. 
It was previously considered part of the Litoria lesueuri species group, but it turned out that Litoria lesueuri occurs only in south-east Australia and not in Queensland.
Ranoidea wilcoxii strongly resembles Ranoidea jungguy, also a former member of the Litoria lesueuri complex, but distinction between the two species may only be made with certainty by chromosome and allozyme profiles.
However, Ranoidea wilcoxi occurs in the eastern part of Queensland and New South Wales while Ranoidea jungguy only occurs in an extremely eastern and narrow coastal strip, not in the north and south of Queensland.
As a consequence, the frog at Kingfisher Park is Ranoidea wilcoxii.
I found this individual during a night walk on the Lodge grounds.

Kingfisher Park Birdwatchers Lodge, Queensland, Australia, 30 October 2022

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