Sparassidae sp. (Huntsman Spider sp.)


This may well be a Thunberga sp. which is a new described genus (2020) of huntsman spiders from Madagascar within the family Sparrassidae.
The genus is named after Greta Thunberg (2003 in Sweden), a young and courageous climate activist fighting against global warming, ignorant stakeholders and for a better future on our planet.
It can be distinguished from other genera of huntsman spiders by its different cheliceral dentition (teeth structure) and eye arrangement as well as by its uniquely dotted prosoma (back).
There are four species within the genus: T. greta, T. malagassa, T. nossibeensis and T. septifera.
This may possibly be Thunberga nossibeensis which is by far the largest within the genus and occurs, as its name indicates, on Nosy Be.

Lokobe National Park, Nosy Be, Madagascar, 22 February 2020

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