Six-lined Racerunner


Six-Lined Racerunners (Aspidoscelis sexlineatus) are almost always hanging out on the ground. 
You’ll find them in hot, dry areas that are open, like fields and dunes. 
Six-lined Racerunners get their name from the six yellow stripes that run from their head to tail. 
The tail itself accounts for half of the lizard’s body length and in some cases, can even be twice the length. 
Adult Six-Lined Racerunners grow to around 20 cm long.
They have dark green or black bodies, and the bellies are white or pale pink on females. 
For males, their bellies are pale blue with green throats. 
Rather than having a scaly, shiny appearance, these lizards have a velvety look to their skin.
Six-lined Racerunners are often mistaken for Five-lined Skinks (Plestiodon fasciatus), which are black, shiny lizards with just 5 yellow stripes.

Key Vista Nature Park, Holiday, Florida, USA, 26 March 2022

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