Philodromus dispar (Running Crab Spider sp.)


The spiders of the genus Philidromus can be recognized by the fact that the second leg pair is longer that the other legs.
Theese spiders are small and their size varies between 3 and 7 mm.
Philodromids are 'quiet' spiders that are well camouflaged but can run very fast to escape or pursuit their prey.
When they flee, they run sideways.
The difference between males and females can be great, as in Philodromus dispar.
While the female Philodromus dispar is variable in size and colour (usually brownish), the male is shiny and iridescent black or dark brown with white edges (like on the photos).

I found this little guy on the outside wall of my garage.

In my yard, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 23 May 2019

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