Nephrotoma pratensis (Crane Fly sp.)


There are quite a few crane flies in the genus Nephrotoma which occur commonly in Europe and look very similar.
The way to tell them apart is to look at several characteristics.
The differences between them are mainly in the colouration on the head and face, the presence of dark veins in the wings, the presence of dark spots behind the eyes,
the shape of the stripes on the sides of the thorax and the shape and colour of the last abdominal segment.
This is Nephrotoma pratensis, which has an overal darker colouration than some of the other similar Nephrotoma species.
Looking at the shape of the end of the abdomen, you can tell it is a female (pointed, not round).
Females resemble males but females are larger (18-23 mm) than males (14-16 mm).

In my yard, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 16 May 2019

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