Neomyia viridescens (House Fly sp.)


Neomyia viridescens closely resembles Neomyia cornicina.
However, Neomyia viridescens has 2 rows of 4 hairs on the second backplate where Neomyia cornicina has 2 rows of only 3 hairs.
In addition, Neomyia viridescens has the part just above and between its eyes green, while with Neomyia cornicina it is greyish.
Both Neomyias species (Muscidae family) are visually very similar to the well known Lucilia species (so called "Greenbottles" in the Calliphoridae family) despite them belonging to a different family.
Neomyia viridescens frequently visits flowers and is less inclined to occur in urban gardens.
The Neomyias species can be told apart from the Lucilia species by looking at the angle of the big vein in the wing.
The curve in the Neomyias' wing is more rounded than that of the Lucilia species.

Top: 's Graveland, The Netherlands, 13 August 2012
Left: 's Graveland, The Netherlands, 13 June 2012

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