Mystacides longicornis (Long-horned Caddisfly sp.)


This caddisfly (length 6 to 9 mm) is easy to identify due to its striking patterned wings with brown and yellow shaded bars. It has very long antennae and red eyes. 
The typical form has the brown and yellow shaded bars, but there is a less common variety which is a plain yellow form.
The male is distinguised from the female by having large eyes!

Top, Left & Middle: A male. Loosdrecht, The Netherlands, 1 June 2012
Right: A female. Zanderij Crailo, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 24 June 2013
Last: A male. Caught in my self made moth trap. In my yard, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 15 August 2018

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