Megachile sp. (Leafcutter Bee sp.)


The genus Megachile in the family Megachilidae is a cosmopolitan group of solitary bees, often called leafcutter bees.
While other genera within the family Megachilidae may chew leaves or petals into fragments to build their nests, species within the genus Megachile neatly cut pieces of leaves or petals, hence their common name.
Megachile bees are black and furry.
They vary in size, on average about the same size as a honeybee.
Most bees carry pollen in baskets on their legs.
However, species within the genus Megachile are different; the underside of the female’s abdomen is particularly furry and is used for this purpose.

Landgoed Oostbroek, De Bilt, The Netherlands, 27 June 2023

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