Lesser Violet-ear


In 2016, the Green Violet-ear was split into two distinct species: Mexican Violet-ear (Colibri thalassinus) and Lesser Violet-ear (Colibri cyanotus).

Mexican Violetear is locally common in montane regions of northern Central America, from southern Mexico south to northern Nicaragua. it has a blue patch on the breast that is lacking in the Lesser Violetear.
Lesser Violetear occurs from Costa Rica south to Argentina.

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Top: Park Recinto del Pensamiento, Manizales, Colombia, 25 June 2015
Left & Middle: Reserva Ecologica Rio Blanco, Manizales, Colombia, 22 June 2015
Right & Last: El Dorado Lodge area, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, 25 October 2014

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