Junonia evarete (True Brushfoot sp.)


Junonia evarete and Junonia genoveva are very similar in appearance. As a general guide, the upperside of Junonia evarete is lighter, and the ocelli on the hindwings are roughly equal in diameter. On the underside the hindwings of Junonia genoveva are marbled, while those of Junonia evarete are quite plain.
Andrew Neild, author of The Butterflies of Venezuela and a recognized authority on Neotropical butterflies, informed me that the most reliable method of distinguishing between the two species is to examine the antennae. In Junonia genoveva the underside of the antennal club is black, and "obviously distinct from the rest of the antenna on the ventral surface". In Junonia evarete the underside of the antennae, including the club, is uniform in colour, but varies from light to dark grey between individual insects. But Andrew emphasizes that it is very difficult to come to a 100% ID, even with specimens in the hand.

Tranquility Estate B&B garden, Jacks Hill, Kingston, Jamaica, 18 January 2018

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