Hybomitra montana (Horse Fly sp.)


Hybomitra montana is very similar to Hybomitra lundbecki and Hybomitra tropica.
However, there are differences, especially on the thorax, abdomen and antennae, but these are subtle.
The place and time of the observation can provide important information.
Hybomitra lundbecki, for example, hardly occurs in Western Europe, but is fairly common in Eastern Europe and the flight time is from the end of May to the beginning of July.
The flight time of Hybomitra tropica is from the beginning of May to the beginning of June.
The flight time of Hybomitra montana is later: from the beginning of June to the middle of August.
Hybomitra montana can be found in most of Europe; they live in various open landscapes, from mountains to peatlands and salt marshes

Berggasthaus Sucka area, Triesenberg, Liechtenstein, 7 August 2020

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