Eurasian Blackbird


The Eurasian Blackbird is very widespread throughout Europe and Asia.
Adult male Blackbirds are totally black.
They have a bright, golden-yellow bill and a yellow ring around the eye during spring and summer.
The bill darkens at the end of summer. 
Adult female Blackbirds are brown, often with spots and streaks on their breasts.
They have a brown bill (orange in older females). 
Juveniles resemble females, but they have pale spots on the upperparts.

1st photo: A male. Leuven, Belgium, 22 February 2015
2nd photo: A male. Kuringen, Limburg, Belgium, 6 March 2018
3rd & 4th photo: A female. Kuringen, Limburg, Belgium, 6 March 2018
5th photo: A male. Nature Reserve Hoge Venen, Luik, Belgium, 4 May 2022

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