Corderopedaliodes symmachus (Satyr sp.)


Corderopedaliodes symmachus is endemic to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Mata. Although its wing pattern is not quite typical of Corderopedaliodes, it has been given this generic name mainly because of its male genitalic structure, a lot more closer to the Andean Corderopedaliodes (with straight aedeagus) than to Pedaliodes (which has a contorted aedeagus, like a screw, very assymmetrical) or Physcopedaliodes (which has a very long, thin and straight aedeagus).
Dr. Angel Viloria, a Venezuelian expert on Satyrine butterflies, has helped me identifying this butterfly.

El Dorado Lodge area, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, 25 October 2014

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