Catoptria pinella (Grass Moth sp.)


Catoptria pinella (wingspan: 22-29 mm) is a species of moth of the family Crambidae.
It is found in Europe.
Catoptria pinella looks very similar to Catoptria permutatellus (in Dutch: Brede Vlakjesmot) and Catoptria osthelderi (in Dutch: Smalle Vlakjesmot) but Catoptria pinella has no narrow white transverse band on the wing directly behind the 2nd white spot; the other two do have that white transverse band.
Catoptria permutatellus en Catoptria osthelderi can only be distinguished from each other by microscopic research of the genitalia.

Caught in my self made moth trap.

1st, 2nd & 3rd photo: In my yard, Hilversum, The Netherlands, 26 July 2019

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