Arge cyanocrocea (Sawfly sp.)


Arge cyanocrocea is a species of sawflies of the family Argidae.
As all sawflies, this species is related to wasps and not to flies, but lacks the typical wasp waist
Arge cyanocrocea (7–8 mm) may be confused with Arge melanochra.
Both species are black with a yellowish-orange abdomen. 
However, the hind legs of Arge cyanocrocea are normally yellow with black apices to the femur, tibia and tarsus. 
However, the amount of black is variable and the hind femurs can be entirely black. 
The similar Arge melanochra has entirely black hind femurs.
These sawflies can be encountered from May to July.

Egmond aan Zee, The Netherlands, 30 May 2021

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