American Kestrel


Seventeen subspecies of the American Kestrel are recognized, generally based upon plumage, size, and vocalizations.
Jamaica seems to have two subspecies: the subspecies Falco sparverius dominicensis and the subspecies Falco sparverius sparverioides (which also occurs on Cuba and the Bahamas). Both white and rufous morphs (rufous chest) occur on Jamaica, but the white morph (white chest) is much more common.

Top: A male. Oracabessa area, Jamaica, 20 January 2018
Left: A male. Tranquility Estate B&B garden, Jacks Hill, Kingston, Jamaica, 19 January 2018
Middle: A female. Green Castle Estate, Robins Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 22 January 2018
Right & Last: A female. Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica, 19 January 2018

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